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“Do the Right Mix” – European Commission Funding Urban Sustainability Projects

July 8, 2013


The European Commission’s “Do the Right Mix” campaign is an effort to encourage EU citizens to use the proper mode of transport for their journey to improve their health, the economy, and the environment. The campaign was launched in July of 2012, and has since funded numerous projects in cities across the EU which can be categorized as Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) and inspired 380 cities to register their SUMPs. The SUMPs are defined as “a set of interrelated measures designed to satisfy the mobility needs of people and businesses today and tomorrow” ( The campaign goes along with European Mobility Week, which runs from September 16-22 cumulating to “In Town Without My Car” Day. This is a three year initiative that is funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, which stresses adaptation of existing practices to benefit the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. In 2012, the theme was stakeholder and citizen participation, this year it is integration of economic, social and environmental policy criteria, and next year will focus on monitoring and improving existing SUMPs. When a plan is selected, the city receives €7.000 to support the program and raise awareness on the EC’s campaign.


Today, the EC announced 18 new projects that will receive funding this year, which include:

  • Austria – Schulterblick – Die Wiener Radfahrschule
  • Belgium – OV experience
  • Czech Republic – We all work there, we all want to get there!
  • Denmark – Supermodal campaign
  • Finland – Do the Right Mix – it’s your move!
  • France – L’intermodalité, clé de la mobilité
  • Hungary – Veszprém in movement for clean air
  • Ireland – Kerry Bicycle Festival 2013
  • Liechtenstein – Green organisation (Go) – Mobility at the University of Liechtenstein (UniLi)
  • Lithuania – Kaunas University Green Mobility Plan
  • Netherlands – You can use my electric car
  • Norway – Carbon free day
  • Poland – It’s your move – choose a bicycle
  • Portugal – Sexta de Bicicleta (Bike Friday)
  • Slovakia – European mobility week in Banská Bystrica 2013
  • Slovenia – V troje – bicycling to work in May 2014
  • Spain – Girona cycle sexy
  • Sweden – The Climate Game 2013

(EC, 2013)

A full description of this year’s winning programs as well as past winners can be found on the campaign website .

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