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Islam’s Europe Problem

Muslim women around Europe are no strangers to having their bodies legislated. Under the guise of the European culture of “enlightenment” and “individualism,” multiple European countries have sought to regulate women who choose to wear traditional Islamic head coverings (Note: For the purposes of this piece, terms like “headscarf”, “head covering”, “burqa”, and “hijab” areContinue reading “Islam’s Europe Problem”

Seeking Asylum: COVID-19 and the Refugee Crisis

It seems like every week that goes by reveals a new dimension of our lives that has been drastically altered by the coronavirus pandemic. The political and economic implications of the virus have both received ample attention, but the human costs of the pandemic continue to come to light in devastating forms.   Recently, NPR reported a story about 15Continue reading “Seeking Asylum: COVID-19 and the Refugee Crisis”

Since the end of World War II and the establishment of an enduring North Atlantic peace, we have all too often taken Europe for granted, shifting our focus to other areas of the globe that are rising in economic and geopolitical significance. The resulting expansion of our horizon of knowledge has been necessary and valuable, but we have neglected the study of Europe at our own peril.  Europe is crucial to the future of the United States and, indeed, of the world.

Franklin L. Hess, Director of EURO

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