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Welcome to 2021!

Welcome back to Across the Pond! We at IU’s Institute for European Studies hope that your holiday season was restful and rejuvenating, and we are looking forward bringing you more commentary on European and transatlantic affairs in the new year.   2020 was (to put it gently) a complete roller coaster of a year—Brexit, the continued attacksContinue reading “Welcome to 2021!”

The Future of Fur

It’s mid-November and we are entering a holiday season that continues to be marred by the coronavirus. As global cases surpass 50 million and a spike in numbers is prompting shutdowns across the world, an unexpected demographic has been the recent target of the pandemic’s chaos. Starting in the summer, it became evident that mink,Continue reading “The Future of Fur”

Europe Reacts to a Biden Victory

After four days of nail-biting, jaw-clenching, and hair-pulling impatience, it was on Saturday, November 7th that the United States presidential election was finally decided. Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris delivered a resounding finish to a marathon presidential campaign that was marred by domestic and international challenges—most prominently the health and economic implications of theContinue reading “Europe Reacts to a Biden Victory”

Since the end of World War II and the establishment of an enduring North Atlantic peace, we have all too often taken Europe for granted, shifting our focus to other areas of the globe that are rising in economic and geopolitical significance. The resulting expansion of our horizon of knowledge has been necessary and valuable, but we have neglected the study of Europe at our own peril.  Europe is crucial to the future of the United States and, indeed, of the world.

Franklin L. Hess, Director of EURO

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