Reexamining European Soccer’s BLM Support and Their Commitment to Human Rights

Europe’s top five soccer leagues resumed in mid and late May 2020 after delays due to the COVID-19 crisis, except the French League 1. On the first weekend of June, as a response to the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, soccer leagues across Europe expressed their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. EveryContinue reading “Reexamining European Soccer’s BLM Support and Their Commitment to Human Rights”

Director’s Statement, Fall 2020

Over the past 8 months, three events have changed the world in which we live inexorably.  First, the COVID-19 pandemic swept across Europe and the United States, exposing weaknesses in our globalized economy, altering our way of life, shifting the political calculus of both the forces of democracy and the forces of authoritarianism, and furtherContinue reading “Director’s Statement, Fall 2020”

Making Sense of the Latest German Regional Election

© John MacDougall/AFP/Getty Images   Last week the German federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern held their regional elections. The upstart AfD party (Alternative for Germany), were the big winners, garnering 20.8 percent of the vote and winning 18 seats in the state parliament. The traditional big three parties, the CDU (Christian Democrats), the SPD (Social Democrats), andContinue reading “Making Sense of the Latest German Regional Election”

Former Commander in Kosovo Liberation Army Acquitted

Yesterday, November 29, former Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj was acquitted of charges levied against him in the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), a court under the authority of the United Nations, specifically commissioned to investigate and prosecute crimes during the conflicts in the Balkans during the 1990s. Haradinaj, a former commanderContinue reading “Former Commander in Kosovo Liberation Army Acquitted”

David Cameron, Britain, and the EU

Britain has a complex relationship with the European Union. Officially a member state since 1973, Britain rivals Germany and France as one of the larger countries in terms of economy and population. Britain also has Europe’s most powerful military and it has a unique relationship with its former colony, the United States. The British PoundContinue reading “David Cameron, Britain, and the EU”

Same-sex marriage bill advances in France

On Wednesday, November 7, the cabinet of socialist President François Hollande approved a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in France as well as allow same-sex couples to adopt children. The draft law redefines marriage to include same-sex couples and replaces the words “father” and “mother” with “parents.” Such a bill was promised by PresidentContinue reading “Same-sex marriage bill advances in France”

Unemployment in the EU Hits Record High

According to Eurostat, unemployment in the Eurozone rose to a record high of 11.6% in September of this year up from 11.5% in August. Unemployment in the EU-27 remained stable at 10.6% in September compared to August 2012. Not every EU country is facing debilitating unemployment conditions. As of July 2012, Austria and Luxembourg hadContinue reading “Unemployment in the EU Hits Record High”

Mafias Revisited: New Territories and New Alliances

Organized crime and mafias have held a special allure for Western audiences since Hollywood began capturing the exotic stories of these organizations on film. In the American Film Institute’s 100 Greatest Films, such organized crime and mafia related films occupy a decent number of the top spots, such as The Godfather Parts I and II,Continue reading “Mafias Revisited: New Territories and New Alliances”

Pussy Riot Nominated for European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize

Russian political punk band Pussy Riot was nominated on September 25 for the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. Five candidates were nominated for the human rights award at a joint meeting of the foreign affairs, development, and human rights committees. Werner Schultz, MEP from Germany, proposed the nomination which was backed byContinue reading “Pussy Riot Nominated for European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize”