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Bucharest Nightclub Burns Down

January 27, 2017
Lady shoes lay abandoned on the snow following the evacuation of a club after a fire broke out in Bucharest

 © Reuters

On January 21, 2017, a fire caused the Bamboo nightclub in Bucharest to burn down. Around 40 people required hospitalization, but no deaths were reported. One person was in serious condition, while others suffered from smoke inhalation or minor bone fractures.

Prosecutors have opened an investigation as to  the cause of the fire that occurred on that Saturday morning. According to the ISU which deals with emergency situations, the club lacked proper fire permits. In 2005, the club had burnt down, and throughout 2015 the club was fined multiple times.

This fire brought back memories of one of the most recent devastating events that occurred in Romania. In 2015, a fire at the Colectiv nightclub resulted in 64 deaths and 100 injuries. That fire was the result of fireworks used during a concert at the club, which did not have the proper fireproof insulation. Furthermore, the club had only one main exit with nearly 400 people who gathered for a free concert.



The Colectiv tragedy sparked some of Romania’s biggest protests in years over failed oversight, and led to the resignation of Prime Minister Victor Ponta. No deaths occurred at the Bamboo club fire, but Romanian President Klaus Iohannis stated, “Rules and laws were apparently broken again. Until we understand once and for all that the law is for everyone, society will always be in danger.”

It looks as if history continues to repeat its self in Romania. The Romanian government must figure out a way to improve safety regulations and increase sanctions for repeat offenders. Unless the government is adamant about true reform, citizens will remain pessimistic about any signs of future improvement.




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