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Earthquakes Continue to Plague Italy

January 19, 2017

A recent avalanche, set off by an earthquake in Italy has completely buried a ski resort, leading officials to fear the worst for the 20 to 30 hotel guests staying at the resort.


Rescue teams are hard at work searching for survivors

Officials and rescue teams are working hard to search for survivors; however, many are feared dead. One resort guest told reporters of how he walked to his car to grab something he had forgotten. Upon returning to the resort, the building leveled with his wife and child inside.

This avalanche brings back recent memory of earthquakes that shook Italy’s central region and killed hundreds. This past fall, four earthquakes were reported, much more than over the past few years.

Unfortunately, Italy lies on what seismologists refer to as the “Apennine red belt,” an historically active seismic region. This area is known to have had some of the most devastating earthquakes in Italy’s history. In 1915, an earthquake in the area killed approximately 32,000 people.


Avalanches, which can be triggered by earthquakes, are particularity difficult to plan for. Officials tell civilians to stay inside during heavy snowfall; however, when an earthquake triggers an avalanche, officials advise civilians to leave their homes. Often, it is too late for civilians to flee their homes, trapping them inside.


The ski resort can be seen nearly completely buried in snow



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