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Opening of London Underground Night Tube

August 30, 2016

On August 19th, after nearly three years of anticipation, the Transport for London Agency (TfL) officially began service of the London Underground night tube throughout central London.


Announced in November of 2013, plans for a night tube serviceunderground.jpg were announced by former mayor Boris Johnson.  It was decided that an initial release date in September 2015, would provide ample transportation for major events including the Rugby World Cup hosted in England; the official summer opening of Buckingham Palace; as well as numerous local festivals.  Unfortunately, service on the night tube was delayed until September of 2016 due to union strikes and concerns over logistics and safety of the proposal. This past May, after working tirelessly with the unions to come to an agreement, Sadiq Khan, current mayor of London, promised that the night tube would be running a partial service in August.

Initial Response

The opening weekend saw an estimated 100,300 additional trips.  When many would take the last train home around 12:30am, most were just starting their nights out, visiting various pubs, clubs and venues.  With trains running every ten minutes until the morning, the possibilities of a night out are endless for residents and visitors alike.

Future Outlook

Currently the night tube is running a partial service, with only two of the five lines
functioning, with the other three planned to be operational within the coming months.  Once all five lines are operational, the night tube is expected to provide an additional 2,200 jobs; and boost London’s
economy by oBTP_on_LU_c._Ian_Nicholson_PA.jpgver $100 million dollars within the next 15 years. There are however still questions as concerns over passenger safety have been expressed repeatedly by various groups, including the unions. To help mitigate issues of safety, TfL is expected to hire an additional 100 British Transport Police to provide security for the 24 hour service.






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