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Graduate Student Announcements

October 1, 2014


Department of African Studies, Susan Z. Andrade (University of Pittsburgh) Lecture “Literary History and Uneven Development: An African Example” 4 p.m, Woodburn Hall 218, 10.2.2014

Department of Germanic Studies, Fall Semester Dutch Movie Showing “Daglicht”, 7 p.m, Ballantine Hall 109, 10.6.2014

Herman B. Wells Library Online Graduate Student Workshops “Zotero” 1-2:30 p.m, 10.7.2014

EURO Brown Bag Seminar, Anthropology PhD Candidate Feray J. Baskin “Immigrant Language: An Accessory?  The Case of Turkish in Alsace” 12:15-1 p.m, Ballantine Hall 004, 10.8.2014

European History Workshop “People, Society, and Community: Visions of Political and Social Order in Post-World War I Germany” by Michael Wildt, Humboldt University – Berlin, 10.10.14, IMU Persimmon Room 12-1 p.m.

Department of Hispanic Studies, Shawn Loewen (Michigan State University” Lecture “Is Second Language Instruction Effective: Measuring Linguistic Knowledge” 11:30 a.m, IMU Persimmon Room, 10.13.2014

Herman B. Wells Library Graduate Student Workshops “EndNote: The Basics” 10-11:30 a.m, Ballantine 108, 10.14.2014

Department of Germanic Studies, “A Swiss Afternoon Without Heidi”, Meet and Greet with Swiss Poet Arno Camenisch, author of “The Alp” IMU Distinguished Alumni Room, 12-2 p.m, 10.16.2014

EURO Brown Bag Seminar, Visiting CEUS Professor Janos Kocsis ” “Stratification and Urban Sprawl: Transformation of Suburbs of Budapest Metropolitan Area” 11:30 a.m, Ballantine 004, 10.22.2014

International Center Presents “Cross Cultural Communications: Workshop on Germany” 8:30-12, IMU, 10.24.2014

Department of Germanic Studies and Institute for European Studes, Tor Einar Fagerland (Norwegian Institute for Science and Techology) “The Bombing of the Government Center in Oslo and the massacre at Utøya Island in Norwegian Memory, 2011-2014.” 6:30 p.m, IMU Dogwood Room, 10.29.2014


2014-15 Internal Fellowship and Award Deadlines

February 2015 European Students Conference at Yale University Application Deadline, 10.27.2014

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