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Faculty Announcements

October 10, 2013


TOMORROW:Lecture: “Regional Language and Fascist Nationalism:The case of Filippo Fichera’s dialect publications” by Mary Migliozzi, BH 340, Fri 10.11.13@2:30pm

TOMORROW: Lecture: “Digital Humanities: Chances and Challenges” by Dr. Caroline Sporleder, Saarland University, BH 003, Fri 10.11.13@4:00pm

TOMORROW:Lecture: “Springs and Their Offspring: The Int’l Consequences of Domestic Uprisings” by Dr. John Owen, University of Virginia, Wylie Hall 005, Fri 10.11.13 @ 5:30-7:00pm

THIS WEEKEND:Lecture: “Network of Echoes: Collaboration, Community, and Creativity in the Musics of Eastern Orthodox Churches”, by Dr. Matthew Arndt, et al, First Christian Church Bloomington, Sat 10.12.13 @ 7:00pm

1. Lecture: “The Challenge of Offender Re-Entry: A Cooperative Response” by Dr. Ann Hoyt, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 513 N. Park Ave, Mon 10.14.13@12:00pm

2. Lecture: “Poland in Today’s World” by Dr. Ryszard Schnepf, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the United States, University Club IMU, Thurs 10.24.13@4:00pm

3. Lecture: “Monstrous Birth: The Politics of Neighborliness in La pell freda”, by Dr. William Viestenz, University of Minnesota, BH 005 Fri 10.25.13 @ 4:00-5:15pm

4. Scandinavian Immigration Folk Music: St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Indianapolis, Sun 10.27.13@4:30pm

5. Lecture: “Policy Reforms and General Strikes in Western Europe” by Dr. Kerstin Hamann, University of Central Florida, Thurs 10.31.13@4:00pm

6. IU World’s Fare: Food, Culture, and Performance, Thurs, 11.7.13@5:00

7. Symposium: 21st International Conference of Europeanists, Fri-Sun 3.14-16.2014


1. The Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program interested in potential candidates: Applications due 11.1.13

2. Smithsonian Institution One-Year Research Fellowships available! Applications due 11.15.13

Call for Papers:

1. Charles University in Prague Symposium- “Jews and Gentiles in East-Central Europe in the Twentieth Century”-Submissions due 10.13.13

2. “Italian Pop Music and Lyrics”, Submissions due 11.30.13

3. Pan-European Conference on the European Union June 5-7, 2014, Submissions accepted now until 12.13.13

4. Journal of the International Marxist-Humanist Organization-“Karel Kosík and Dialectics of the Concrete”-Submissions due 12.31.13

5.Congrips 2014 APSP Annual Meeting: Proposals Due by 12.15.13


1. EURO Mellon Faculty Travel Grants available: Applications due Mon 10.14.13

Course/Class Listings:

1. The CEELBAS Language Repository-available for the teaching and study of Slavonic and East European languages, focused on the needs of postgraduate students and researchers!

2. Fall Semester 2013-Russian Language/Culture Class for Elementary School Students:

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