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The Lotus World Music & Arts Festival-A European Flair

October 7, 2013

The Lotus World Music & Arts Festival-Strains of laughter and animated conversation could be heard as we at EURO made our way down Kirkwood Avenue the night of September 27. The 20th anniversary of Lotus was upon us all, and returning to its line-up this year were the European musical groups Väsen and Frigg. Frigg, comprised of members from various Scandinavian countries, self-describes their music as “Nordgrass”—a mixture of fiddles, upright bass, guitar, and mandolin blending into a mix of Nordic and American bluegrass. Each song is executed at breathtaking speed, inspiring both your feet and heart to tap in rhythm. Sweden’s Väsen—uniquely utilizing a viola, a guitar and a nyckelharpa—coaxes you to reminisce along their path of traditional folk composition. Their musical strains were lyrical and awe-inspiring, leaving the audience blissfully uplifted. A big Thank You to all who attended this wonderful Bloomington arts festival, and we hope to see everyone there next year!

Lotus logo

Lotus Logo





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