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WEST Faculty Announcements 9/1/2011

September 1, 2011


  1. Film: “Film Ist: A Girl and a Gun” Sep 2 @ 6:30 pm
  2. Speaker: “A CIA Officer’s Personal Reflections on the 9/11 Attacks” Sep. 9 @ 1 pm *
  3. Concert: “Cogadh na Sith: Bardic Music of War and Peace.” Sep. 9 @ 7:30 pm
  4. Speaker: “Can There Be Peace?: Violence in the Name of Religion.” Sep. 14 @ 7 pm
  5. Art Exhibition: “The Spoils of War: Art in Nazi Germany” Fall Semester

* WEST Sponsored Event


  1. WEST is putting together our Fall 2011 newsletter and would like to hear from you! If you have any updates from the past semester that you would like included in the newsletter, please send them to
  2. Research Funding Deadlines: Office of the Vice Provost for Research
  3. Fulbright German Studies Seminar, Deadline Oct. 14
  4. WEST Travel and Lecture Series Funds Next deadline October 14
  5. Global Governance Audit:  Brookings Institution Invites Young Scholars to Participate at a Global Governance Audit, Deadline Oct. 15
  6. AWSS Funding Guide
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