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Turkish Migrants in Germany

January 31, 2011

After the end of World War II, the West German had witnessed a boom in economic growth. In parallel, this period was marked by an increase of German’s labour force demand. As a result, a total of 7,116 Turks migrated to Germany as guest workers in 1961 and this figure increased steadily until today. As of 2010, the Embassy of Germany in Turkey estimated that 3.5 million people of Turkish origin were living in Germany.

Despite the fact that there is a huge Turkish diaspora in Germany, one can identify nowadays that more and more well-educated Turkish people, especially academics, migrates to Turkey. In 2008, according to a survey of Turkish Academics and Students in Germany (TASD) among 173 academics of Turkish background resident in Germany, 38% of the interviewees explained their wish to go to Turkey. These academics, who were born, grown up, educated in Germany, decide to go back to their country of origin. So, what makes these people to leave Germany and migrate to Turkey?

The current government in Germany underscores that problems of integration are particularly due to a lack of education; however, TASD surveys drive our attention to the existence of other reasons than education. In order to figure out these reasons, Germany needs mediators between the Germans and the Turks who don’t want to live anymore in Germany.

Furthermore, returned migrants in Turkey are the evidence of that Turkey is becoming a more outstanding country in recent times. Turkey’s accession negotiations for full membership to the European Union started in 2005. Therefore, a series of reforms have been implemented for a more modern standard of living. As a result, Turkey has recently become one of the world’s most popular destinations both for tourism and settlement not only for Germany but also other European countries as well.

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