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IU Shows More DEFA Films

November 15, 2010

Yesterday, the DEFA film project returned to IU, with the showing of Verriegelte Zeit (Locked-up Time).  Released after the fall of the German Democratic Republic, Locked-up Time is a documentary about filmmaker Sibylle Schoenemann’s arrest by the STASI, East Germany’s secret police, and her subsequent expulsion to West Germany in the 1980s.  In 1990, she is able to return to the former East Germany and document her ordeal.


This film is just the first of five more films produced by the Deutsche Film-Aktiengesellschaft (DEFA), which will be shown at IU in the coming weeks.  Tonight, we will be showing Karbid und Sauerampfer (Carbide and Sorrel) at 7:00PM in the Fine Arts Auditorium 015, while tomorrow night Vorspiel (Foreplay/Acting/Prelude) will receive its U.S. premiere on the Bloomington campus.  Next week, there will be showings of Montag kommen die Fenster (Windows on Monday) and Sammelsurium—which will also be makings its debut in the U.S.  For information on these screenings, including times and locations, please visit the IU DEFA press release at


Not only is WEST excited about this event because it brings films to Bloomington that are rarely, if ever, screened in the U.S., two of these films were subtitled specifically for IU.  One of these films, Vorspiel was subtitled specifically as a result of requests by teachers at symposium on DEFA for high school educators last spring, meaning that high school teachers now have a new resource to show their students about life in East Germany.  This is just another example of how WEST is helping teachers bring Western Europe to their classrooms.

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