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Grad Student Announcements – 10/22

October 22, 2010


  1. Symposium: “After 100: the Legacy of Claude Lévi-Strauss’ Work in 21st Century Arts and Humanities” Oct. 22-23
  2. Career Event: “Politics, Public Service, and Law Networking Night” Oct. 26 @ 6:30pm
  3. Guest Lecture: Dr. John McCormick “Europeanism” Oct. 28 @ 12pm
  4. Guest Lecture: Alison James “The Quotidian and the Limits of Fiction” Oct. 29 @ 3:30pm
  5. Guest Lectures: Esther Dischereit “Before the High Holy Days the House was Full of Whisperings and Rustlings” Nov. 1 @ 5pm and “Anti-Semitism and Anti-Islamism in Contemporary Discourse: A Literary Perspective” Nov 2. @ 12pm
  6. Lecture: Dr. Christopher Waller “The Euro and Its Effect on the Midwest” Nov. 18 @ 12pm



  1. Call for Papers: International Public Affairs Association “Global Problems, Sustainable Solutions” Spring 2011 @ IU
  2. State Department Internship Deadline November 3, 2010
  3. Call for Papers: Graduate Student Conference  “The Critical Blot: Opacity and Meaning in German Language, Literature, and Culture” Feb. 25-27 @ IU
  4. Call for Papers: Graduate Symposium “Culture and Identity” Mar. 5 @ Purdue University
  5. Scholarships: Greek American Foundation Awards for Spring 2011 Semester
  6. SPEA Abroad Summer 2011 Programs



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