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Grad Student Announcements – 10/8

October 8, 2010


  1. Guest Lecture: Kyllike Sillaste-Elling “Estonia and the New Europe” Oct. 11 @ 12:15pm
  2. Symposium: “After 100: the Legacy of Claude Lévi-Strauss’ Work in 21st Century Arts and Humanities” Oct. 22-23
  3. Guest Lecture: Tom Christensen “Transcending New Public Management – Perspectives, Trends, And Challenges” Oct. 11 @ 2:30pm
  4. SPEA Abroad Summer Programs Call-Out Meeting: Oct. 12 @ 3:30pm
  5. Symposium: “Music, Liturgy, and Beauty in Orthodox Christianity” Oct. 16
  6. Career Event: “Politics, Public Service, and Law Networking Night” Oct. 26 @ 6:30pm
  7. Symposium: “Hispanic Linguistics Symposium 2010” Oct. 14-17
  8. Guest Lecture: Michael Meyer “True Honor is What We Gain for Ourselves: Maintaining Jewish Morale in Nazi Germany” Oct. 13 @ 7:30pm



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