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Faculty Announcements

April 22, 2010

1. Making History ReVisible: East German Cinema after Unification

Program A

Thursday, April 22, 8 pm

with director Peter Kahane

The Architects


Program B

Friday, April 23, 4 pm

with screenwriter Wolfgang Kohlhaase

Solo Sunny


Program C

Friday, April 23, 8 pm

with screenwriter Wolfgang Kohlhaase

Summer in Berlin


Program D

Saturday, April 24, 4 pm

with producers Katrin Schlösser and Frank Löprich

You Are Not Alone


Program E

Saturday, April 24, 8 pm

with screenwriter Wolfgang Kohlhaase

Whiskey with Vodka

2. Professor Julia Phillips Cohen Lecture, Oriental by Design: Ottoman Jews and the Stuff of Empire”

Friday, April 23

3:00 PM, Distinguished Alumni Room, IMU

This talk will explore the ways that late Ottoman Jews came to define themselves as Ottoman and “Oriental” through their engagement with Oriental products and symbols, both within the empire and well beyond its borders.  Moving from an oriental carpet shop in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar to the streets of Chicago, the paper explores questions of performative identity, Orientalism, patriotism, and commercialism in order to better understand how late Ottoman Jews fashioned themselves in the Turkish style through material culture.

Julia Phillips Cohen is an Assistant Professor in the Program in Jewish Studies and the Department of History at Vanderbilt University. Her current project focuses on the imperial loyalties and local identities of Ottoman Jews in different urban centers of the eastern Mediterranean. Her publications include “Conceptions rivales du patriotism ottoman : les célébrations juives de 1892″ in Esther Benbassa, ed. Itinéraires Sépharades (Paris: Presses de l’Université Paris-Sorbonne, 2010), “Sephardic Scholarly Worlds: Toward a Novel Geography of Modern Jewish History,” Jewish Quarterly Review 100:3 (Summer 2010) (with Sarah Abrevaya Stein), and several entries on late Ottoman Judeo-Spanish print culture in Norman Stillman, ed. The Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World (Leiden: Brill, forthcoming).

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