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Obama chooses not to go to Madrid

February 3, 2010

Yesterday it was announced that President Obama will not be attending the EU-U.S. summit in Madrid in May.  This event was suppose to highlight the new post-Lisbon Treaty EU foreign policy structure, but instead the Lisbon Treaty appears to have actually torpedoed the summit, as it is not always clear who is the leading actor.  The newly created EU Council president (currently Herman Van Rompuy) has started organizing some events.  However, Spain (the current holder of the EU presidency) had wanted to host some the high profile events, such as the annual EU-U.S. summit in Europe (there is also one on this side of the Atlantic).

The Lisbon Treaty was touted as a necessary reform that would increase the EU’s international impact, yet in this case it appears that it may have helped led to the President Obama’s decision to not attend.  When President Obama attended last year’s summit in Prague, it appeared that he was not impressed by the EU being represented by three different people.  This continuing trend could cause one to wonder if the EU doesn’t have more leaders than it needs while having too few solutions.

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