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Announcements for Grad Students – 10/7

October 7, 2009

1. Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis – Colloquium Series, Fall 2009 

2. Grad School Prom – Update

3. Kaffepause and Fika TONIGHT

4. Call for Papers on Contemporary Italian Cinema

5. Opening for EASC Outreach Assistant

6. Course, Curriculum, and Campus Internationalization Workshop

7. *New!* Spring 2010 Course Listings





1. Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis – Colloquium Series, Fall 2009

Place: Workshop Tocqueville Room

513 North Park Avenue

Time: 12:00-1:30 p.m.

 You are welcome to bring your lunch. Coffee is provided free of charge and soft drinks are available. Copies of Workshop colloquia papers can be found on our website at If you have a question regarding assistance or our Colloquium Series, please contact Gayle Higgins (812-855-0441, We hope you will be able to join us!


October 12, 2009


Presented by Robert Holahan, PhD Candidate in Political Science, Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, Indiana University Bloomington

Abstract: This paper develops an experimental framework for investigating majority rule voting over aggregate resource appropriations by varying the individual capacities of subjects to appropriate from a generic common pool resource. In this way we mimic real world heterogeneity in the capability of resource users to appropriate from a resource system. How effective is majority rule voting at preventing resource collapse? How does the distribution of individual capacities to appropriate affect policy outcomes made through majority rule voting? Through the use of novel laboratory experiments, we bring the literature on vote theory together with a practical, and ubiquitous, resource distribution problem.

BIO: Rob Holahan is a PhD candidate in the department of Political Science at Indiana University. His research focuses on the tradeoffs among economic efficiency, democracy, and sustainability. His dissertation is examining the strengths and limitations of using majority rule voting as a means to divide a natural or manmade renewable resource, like an ocean fishery or a national budget, among a group of users. He uses a mixture of experimental economics, formal theory and empirical research to investigate these questions. Rob holds a B.A. in Economics and an M.A. in Political Economy and Public Policy from Washington University in St. Louis and expects to finish his PhD in May 2010.


October 14, 2009


Presented by Carina Cavalcanti, PhD Candidate, Professorship of Environmental Policy and Economics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich, Switzerland, and Visiting Scholar, Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, Indiana University Bloomington (coauthors: Andreas Leibbrandt and Stefanie Engel)

Abstract: This paper studies the determinants of cooperation during an environmental program that we implemented in several traditional fishing communities. We find that the individual level of social integration into the social network of a community is an important factor for field cooperation. Better integrated fishermen manufacture more fishing instruments that are less harmful for the fishing grounds, and give up more fishing instruments that are more exploitative for the fishing grounds. This finding prevails even after controlling for fishermen’s personal characteristics like their level of prosociality suggesting that the individual level of social network integration is a driving force for field cooperation. In addition, we also find that fishermen, who took part in the development of the environmental program, cooperate more during the environmental program.

BIO: Carina Cavalcanti is a PhD candidate in Environmental Policy and Economics from the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH-Zurich) and currently a Visiting Scholar at the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis. In her research, she investigates the determinants of cooperation among common-pool-resource users.


2. Grad School Prom – Update

Attention all Indiana University Graduate Students!

Union Board’s Outreach Committee and GPSO will be holding a Grad School Prom on October 16th! This special event is exclusively for graduate students and will be a great time to kick back and have some fun with fellow students.  The cost of the event is FREE and includes buffet style dinner, but limited food.  In addition to the buffet, there will be a cash bar and DJ! The event will begin at 7:30 at Alumni Hall in the Union and don’t forget to “dress to impress” seeing as this is the Grad School Prom!


3. Kaffepause and Fika TONIGHT

7 pm, IMU Starbucks, tonight – Wednesday.


Gergana, Garrett and Bart


4. Call for Papers on Contemporary Italian Cinema

Call for papers: Symposium on New Italian Cinema

April 7-11, 2010

Indiana University, Bloomington

Submissions are being accepted for original research on new directors and trends in Italian cinema. Papers may focus on, but should not be  limited to: new directions in criticism, financial and political 
dynamics in film production, analysis of individual films, development  of new authorial visions, the relationship to other national cinematographic traditions and films, intersections between film and 
other arts (photography, music, literature, etc.), “Italophone cinema”  coming from the Americas, Australia, Africa, The Mediterranean World or other countries, the  representation of family and gender, the issue and experience of  otherness, the search for cultural and spiritual identity. Proposals on the pedagogical application of cinema in the foreign language  classroom are also welcomed.

Papers should be written in the language in which the reader feels most comfortable (Italian or English); however, they should be limited to no more than 18 minutes (8-9 doubled-spaced pages). One-page abstracts should be sent electronically (Word attachment only) by Dec. 31, 2009 or before to Antonio Vitti (, or to Colleen Ryan-Scheutz ( and or to Andrea Ciccarelli ( ).


5. Opening for EASC Outreach Assistant

EASC has an opening for an Outreach Assistant from fall 2009 to summer 2010.  The successful candidate must commit to working 20 hours per week from October 2009 through July 2010.  The pay is $14 per hour.

Job description:

-Assists the EASC Outreach Coordinator with East Asia-related outreach activities, primarily for K-12 educators and the general public

-Manages and maintains program participants’ files

-Enters participants’ information into the database

-Assists in recruiting participants for outreach programs

-Assists in processing checks for program participants, instructors, and guest speakers

-Makes logistical arrangements for meetings and other outreach activities

-Performs other duties as assigned


-Bachelor’s degree required; must be enrolled in a graduate program at Indiana University Bloomington

-Strong administrative skills

-Excellent communication and organizational skills

-Computer literacy

-Sensitivity to the needs of the program participants

-Ability to work well with faculty and staff in a diverse, multicultural environment

-Knowledge of East Asia is preferred but not required

Application procedure: Send a cover letter, a current resume, and a list of three references to Cathy Gao, Outreach Assistant, East Asian Studies Center, Indiana University, Memorial Hall West 213, 1021 East Third Street, Bloomington, IN  47405-7005, or email application materials to

Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until a qualified candidate has been selected. For full consideration apply by October 12th, 2009.


6. Course, Curriculum, and Campus Internationalization Workshop

November 6, 2009 at the Neil Marshall Black Culture Center (275 North Jordan   Avenue at IUB)

The Center for the Study of Global Change, the IUPUI Office of International Affairs, IUB Campus Instructional Consulting, and the Office of the Vice President of International Affairs are hosting an IU International Learning Workshop on November 6, 2009. This one-day workshop (9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) will be held at the Bloomington campus and will provide focused discussions on various aspects of internationalization. Participants will choose a topical strand to stay with for the day so that they have the opportunity to intensely consider specific aspects, implementation, and the logistics of internationalization at Indiana University.  The three thematic tracks will cover the internationalization of courses, curricula, and campuses.

The detailed schedules for all three tracks will be available soon.

For more information and to register

7. Spring 2010 Course Listings

Be sure to check out the course descriptions for some of next semester’s WEST courses in our academics section of the blog. There are some exciting *new* options for the spring!

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