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Grant Recipient Kris Kallmeyer – “Teaching Current Events in Germany Through Printed Media”

September 21, 2009

This summer, thanks in part the Indiana University West European Studies National Resource Center Curriculum Grant, I was able to travel to Germany in order to complete my project entitled “Teaching Current Events in Germany Through Printed Media.”  My intent was to travel to Germany in order to collect printed media, advertisements and newspaper articles in order to create a set of authentic reading materials with questions appropriate for the beginning and intermediate levels of German language.  The topics would pertain to current everyday life without being so specific that they would immediately become dated within just a few years. 
My original plan was to create five “units,” but in the course of organizing my materials and thinking about how to form the whole project, I created a set of materials encompassing some 154 pages of teacher ready materials with an appendix of menus, three video clips, and some food and clothing advertisements as well.  The themes covered are generally: cars, health, crime, politics, energy, climate change, population and demographic shifts in Europe, education, and food, as well as a few miscellaneous articles of interest from a great number of newspapers from serious to yellow press.  The project also grew to encompass not just current events, but also to include numerous “Infografiken,” or informational charts and graphs about topics of current general interest which could be used interdisciplinarly.
Certain items did not make it into my project, for example the death of Michael Jackson whose death was widely reported in Europe.  I was also able to collect a large number of articles for use someday in my classroom which were interesting, but did not fit the topics of my project.  On a personal note, I was also able to visit with some relatives while in Germany and make a brief visit to a new member state of the European Union, Poland.  Additionally, I deepened my knowledge of current events in Germany and I intend to use this project as a springboard to continue collecting articles and Infografiken to present to my fellow teachers of Germany.  I thank West European Studies Center for the opportunity it afforded me. 

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  1. Carol Bunton permalink
    November 11, 2010 10:39 am

    Looking forward to traveling to Germany and the surrounding countries in July 2011. I heard there is grant money available. Where do I look? I teach special needs students and want to share information with them.
    Thank You for any information you have. Carol Bunton

    • November 12, 2010 5:01 pm

      Thanks for commenting! Unfortunately, the grant that Kris was funded under has expired. We are optimistic to replace this funding opportunity for teacher travel in the future.
      In the meantime, I encourage you to check out our free videoconference programs available to teachers or curriculum resources found on the WEST website. You can find more information about the resources offered to teachers on our website.

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